Fresh air – White space – Nordic light

We go to Lapland to retreat, reconnect, meditate, sense and experience the amazing scenery inside and out – under the best conditions.

Five days in cosy huts in the middle of the wilderness and 24 hours of silence by yourself in the great outdoors. It will be wild, beautiful, vast – and it will be a unique opportunity to find your way to peace, strength and warmth within you.

The explorers learn to get by in the cold, to run their own dog sled, to make bonfires, food, water – and to connect to themselves in the middle of this beautiful, challenging nature.

Humility, respect, joy, courage, laughter and clarity becomes a natural part of the experience – just as we probably all will expand a few boundaries and get to know ourselves a bit deeper.

Johan Skullman from Fjällräven takes care of everything related to our survival, equipment and catering.

Sille Lundquist from Being Human guides meditations and physical exercises – and leads the explorations into the development of open awareness, gentleness and life zest during the days.

“It took me a while to fully describe this trip to my friends because it was just so incredible on so many levels. But if I had to summarize it, I would call it a serene survival course where I learned how to survive both out in the Arctic tundra and the concrete jungle we sadly had to return to.”

Tom Arden, participant on Polar Retreat 2015

Dates for coming Polar Retreat are currently not scheduled.

Max. 10 participants.

The retreat includes:

  • full board (all meals included)
  • transportation in Lapland
  • accommodation and equipment
  • dog sleds
  • guidance in meditation and survival
  • five days in the infinite, beautiful, white nature with everything you need

The retreat begins and ends at Kiruna Airport.
We are happy to supply you with information about transportation to and from Kiruna, should you need it.