Basic – Beautiful – Beyond reach

Is it time to get deeper into your relation with yourself, with nature, with the basic joy of life? In September, we retreat to our very own incredibly beautiful archipelago island.

This is a time and place for silence, calmness and connecting to who you are. The retreat is for three days and nights, one of which will be in complete silence. The days on the island will be spent meditating, getting acquainted with nature, opening up the senses and being around the bonfire.

We each have our own basecamp on this deserted island, with lots of time, the healing rhythm of nature and thoroughly simple living to reconnect, explore, and getting back to the essentials of life, while being surrounded by spectacular scenery.

The retreat is an opportunity to learn how to focus and prioritize your energy, to make a fire, build a shelter and clean you own drinking water. To meet the colorful days and the cool nights with trust and curiosity. With nature we never exactly know what meets us, thus good planning and a mind open for improvisation is a necessity.

Johan Skullman from Fjällräven takes care of everything related to our survival, equipment and catering. Sille Lundquist from Being Human guides meditations and physical exercises – and leads the explorations into the development of open awareness, gentleness and life zest during the days.

NB: The Island Retreat is for people with either meditation or outdoor experience.
If you’re in doubt as to whether you’re ready for the retreat, please contact us so we can figure out if this is the right one for you.

Dates for coming Island Retreat are currently not scheduled.

Max. 8 participants.

The retreat includes:

  • full board (all meals included)
  • accommodation and equipment
  • guidance in meditation and survival
  • boat to and from the island
  • four days on our own island with everything you need

The retreat begins and ends at Norrkoping Central Station.
We are happy to supply you with information about transportation to and from Norrkoping, should you need it.