The Being Human Commitment Ceremony is a powerful way to support and create direction for the things that matter in life right now. The things that need attention and energy.

The ceremony is based on native American traditions with bonfire and a special atmosphere through which we each focus on what we wish to create and commit to within the period of time that feels right for the individual.

At the same time, it is also a simple opportunity for a few immersive, still hours in nature.

The participants will receive a thorough explanation of what to prepare for the ceremony.

Bring you own backpack with drinks, food, something to sit on and clothes suitable for the weather.

Date for coming Commitment Ceremony is currently not scheduled.

You sign up for the Commitment Ceremoni by purchasing your preferred Nature Date voucher in the shop.

Signing up can be done until three days before the date. Should you become unable to join after this day, you can pass on your voucher clip to a friend.