The Being You process consists of three parts.
Each part starts with you – with the unique reality, challenges, dreams and demands of your life.

1. Basic joy & energy

  • Here we explore how to settle in the present moment, how to heal yourself and find peace – even in the midst of a storm.
  • We find ways to develop and affect your personal energy so that you can take care of it and use it as well and easily as possible.
  • You leave the process with a more sustainable foundation of basic joy, simplicity, groundedness, energy and clear boundaries.

2. Flow & originality

  • Here we uncover your strengths, dreams and drive. We explore where you are powerful and where you are not?
  • We cultivate your intuition and your ability to act as effortless as possible, while you make the most impact with the least possible effort.
  • You leave the process with a clear sense of how you easily and in your own original way bring your dreams to life.
“The meditations and sessions with you have given me such a great insight on my life and cleared the way for the calmness that suits me. Thank you so very much for that!”
Catrine Lohmann Larsen

3. Connectedness

  • Here we nurture your glow, spirit, cohesion at the deeper levels. We cultivate your ability to connect to your surroundings – people, nature and life around you.
  • We explore your mojo – power, energy, strength – and we practice going into it, daring to be fully you – and from there, giving what you’re here for, back to the world.
  • You leave the course with a clarity about your place in the big puzzle. And maybe even love, magic, play and a deep connectedness to life?