On the Afternoon Retreats there is room to feel the ground beneath you and the sky above you, explore and play with your consciousness, to find peace and reconnect to what is truly important to you.

Outside in the great nature of Dyrehaven and inside the welcoming warmth of Raadvad Kro, we meditate and reflect – and let ourselves be inspired by nature, silence, philosophy, mindfulness and everyday life.

We practice the ability to step out of the flow of performance and efficiency, to breathe freely and to find strength in our

personal authority, becoming better at choosing, acting and creating in accordance with what is important.

The Afternoon Retreat is serious, deep and academically founded – and vivid, personal and experimental in interaction with the seasons, the participants and new learning.

It is for people who would like to use open air meditation, reflection and immersion actively in their lives.

Who knows, perhaps you go home with a bit of everyday simple magic?

Dates for coming Wilderness Retreat are currently not scheduled.

You sign up for the retreat by purchasing your preferred Nature Date voucher in the shop. Here, you also choose which date you want to join. Signing up for the Afternoon Retreat can be done until Friday before the retreat.

All times at 4-7pm.

Fresh fruit, tea and meditation equipment is included.

Remember to dress accordingly to the weather. You can join the days that suit you, each time is all its own…