As I about a year ago did a Commitment Ceremony – with the help of a bonfire, my Native American friend and the forces of nature – I started a movement beyond what I could possibly have imagined! I had no idea what would be the outcome or how the road would unfold, but I knew what I wanted and why – and apparently that was enough!
I committed myself, within two years, to:

  • Create a sustainable business – soundly connected to myself and the world around
  • Nourish the life force and the healthy connectedness for people with a creative drive and a high level of sensitivity

I did this because:

  • I had something to say and I needed a space to communicate it
  • I wasn’t going to lose the connection to myself and live a life that didn’t feel like mine once again – so I needed to dare being brave, vulnerable, tough, honest – and just me
  • I was a klutz with economy and needed to learn to stand by myself – also financially (HUGE challenge!!)
  • .. and then of course because I love – and am pretty good at – exploring life together with driven, sensitive people.

It’s amazing to experience how the road has shown itself step by step.. How Being Human and the team formed itself effortlessly, while we – in the company of many excited people – have lit bonfires, slept under the polar sky, met in all sorts of places in cities, innovative companies and nice restaurants. How we have meditated early mornings in the parks of Europe, lived on our own incredibly beautiful desolate island, sat in the pouring rain with half the British press in Regents Park and spoken Swedish, Norwegian, French, Spanish – anything – to get our message through: That it is super duper important for humans to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect to our bodies, senses and nourish our natural mojo – every day! And that nature simply is the very best help of all – and it’s right there, right here – outside the window, inside the cells.. It’s simply about getting out there!
Never in my wildest dreams would I have come up with a better plan than the one that unfolded – or thought of all the possibilities which easily and effortlessly have turned up along the way and now have become ambitious, fun, deep projects for 2016.

Our biggest challenge, I think, will be to maintain the openness, receptiveness and playfulness throughout the year – as well as the readiness to welcome everyone who wants to play along.. Luckily, we can always go for a walk if it sometimes becomes a bit overwhelming..

Look here to read an article from YOU mag – Daily Mail on Sunday about our general lack of nature and about BeingHuman’s Nature Retreats.

A Dose of Vitamin N – Daily Mail

And if you want to join us in Lapland on the Polar Retreat in the beginning of February and get clear air in your mind and lots of space…

or simply exploring what other possibilities we have to offer ..

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Much love and wishes of an alive, unpredictable new year
Sille – and Being Human