I feel proud, courageous, vulnerable, excited, totally clear and so much on the right track .. having closed my old company and opened Being Human!

Proud of the new cool website – www.beinghuman.dk

Courageous because I, after many explorations, iterations and detours, have removed the unnecessary, kept the essentials and now finally dare to do what I’m here for..

..to nourish the mojo of driven, creative people – in close interaction with nature..

Human beings that sometimes push themselves just a little too hard and forget to nurture their mojo. As a super-performing, deeply creative and wonderful woman who is currently doing a BEING YOU process with me, wrote the other day:

‘Thank you so much for our last session. I was feeling so down – but you helped me let in the light. It just poured in. Through the nature-meditationI entered this core of intimacy, unspoiled joy, energy and delight.. I wish to always be there. Thank you!!!

You could call what she felt her life force, this intangible mojo, that most of us know what feels like on the inside and look like in another person, but is not quite possible to get a hold on. Perhaps it is enough for us all to learn how to tap into this life force once in a while? To consciously nourish the mojo?

For me, opening the door – to the light, the humanity, the magic, the mojo – has become what I do in life.

When it sometimes feels really vulnerable, insecure, exposed, to focus so much at giving what I do best, I am deeply grateful that I am not alone, but part of the huge and powerful nature; the brilliant, generous and ‘very much themselves’ companions in Being Human – And all of you who in many quirky ways have contributed to this journey.


And also a big WELCOME to all of you who have just come along for the ride – I wonder what the world will look like when we – in our different ways – become a little better at nourishing our own mojo.

With delightful butterflies for the moments to come

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