Life bubbles, blooms and trickles around me, and I have duplex emotions – one part filled with space, air, basic joy and the other in need of the recklessness that I had as a teenager; just throwing myself out into the world without fear and not knowing what it would offer ..

I am tired of being good, of trying to fit in and communicate in a nice, thoughtful ‘corporate’ style. Tired of ‘white curtains and blonde hair blowing in the wind..’ and tired of trying to perfect myself, and be cool. (Not that I ever was, but so tired of pretending as if I ever could be..)

It’s time to make room for wildness again. Leave room for all of life – light, darkness, joy, enthusiasm, achievement, frustration, lust, confusion, clarity, incapability, vigor.. simple happiness and recklessness..

Last week I entered into partnership with a brilliant woman in London, and a new era of even more space to be human is beginning to grow.. YES it’s so cool that we now have the opportunity to inspire people from all over the world to nourish their life’s glow, zest and basic joy; In nature, inside by the fireplace, around the world. I can awaken my sensuality, drive, intuition and purpose if I dare to use my fire; my courage, my drive towards asking questions, destroying my barriers and doing things in other ways ..

If I dare jeopardize, jump and throw myself into being fully human, I think it will nurture originality, entrepreneurial spirit, honesty, the courage to ask the big question and to love and be creative in those people I work with, How does that sound?

Happy Easter and be sure to check out the website if you are curious on how to nourish your basic joy and recklessness – just you or with others ..