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– in the wilderness of nature, open air sessions and the city-parks around the world

At Being Human, we believe in creating space for the deeply human side of people – and the ease, power and aspirations that follow. We love seeing people find their mojo, their creative spark and their particular way of being in the world.

We work primarily with people with drive and sensitivity – first movers, leaders, innovators, scientists, creative people of all kinds – both those who have already successfully found their way and those who are searching.

We believe that it is necessary for driven, sensitive people to actively slow down and reconnect with themselves once in a while; to take the time and space to explore and marinate in what gives positive energy; and to use their senses, intuition, humor and depth to become wiser and clearer.

We strongly believe – well supported by both experience and science – that being in nature enhances human health, creativity and connectedness.

And on the other hand that the high levels of stress, meaningless-
ness and lack of self-worth in our high speed, high performing western societies are partially based on the disconnection we have from our human nature – as well as from the greater nature we are a part of. We therefore use naturebased dialogues, coaching and meditations to bring strengths, ease and zest into play.

We – the people behind Being Human – are Sille Lundquist, Frede Magnussen and Johan Skullmann. Read more about us below.

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Sille Lundquist is sadly no longer with us. However, you are most welcome to explore the Being Human site to learn more about her incredible project.

Sille’s mission was to create a connection between humans and the tremendously loving and nourishing powers of the Scandinavian nature – and in the midst of it to introduce people to their very own human nature. She succeeded in doing so by uniquely and skilfully interlacing meditation practices, survival techniques and shamanic rituals.   

Sille’s life and Being Human ended much too soon, but we cherish that she went as far as she did, successfully completing many unforgettable retreats to snow-covered Kiruna, the Swedish archipelago and wilderness outside of Norrköping as well as “Nature Dates” in Kullen and Raadvad.

Sille was an experienced and poetic meditation teacher and luckily some of her
wonderful guiding is kept for us on the meditation album she made.

You can listen to it on iTunes here or Spotify here.

If you have anything to share about Sille and Being Human, we invite you to write to us at Thank you!


In the spirit of Sille, we encourage you to gently and lovingly
connect to nature, tune into its magic and walk in beauty.


We offer unique retreats in the vast, beautiful nordic nature. The simplicity, beauty and impermanence of nature is a wonderful frame for easily and effortlessly slowing down and finding calmness, strength and basic joy. In the great, open and non-judging nature there is lots of space for simply being and for the things that are of true significance.

On Nature Retreats you naturally recharge the nervous system and get to know yourself, your capability and creativity in a very different way than in the frantic, performing everyday-life of most of us…

Disconnect to reconnect right here.


Coach, meditation trainer and founder of Being Human

The main drive in my work as a coach and connector is my natural curiosity and desire to inspire the connectedness, mojo and aspirations of others.

I love exploring different people’s uniqueness, weirdness, dreams and challenges in close interaction with them.

For me, every meeting is about creating the space for the person to be him- or herself. To explore the basic drive, sensitivity and joy – and to walk towards a sustainable, meaningful and beautiful life.

Working with people who long to be human and impact the world in their special way is very meaningful to me. The differences in lives and approaches always inspires me.
– What happens when things go well?
– And what happens when it all goes in stalemate and the need to move, learn from a crisis or challenge arises?

I have worked with a variety of different people and in many different contexts: from striving artists to CEO’s, from one-to-one conversations to smaller groups and entire companies. In all respects, the ability to sense, reflect and nourish the basic joy, courage, trust and energy is completely consistent – and to do so in a sustainable way, respecting the limits of oneself as well as others.

“Sille’s knowledge about the subject of her work is deep and founded in both research and personal experience.
She has a magic combination of a deeply serious approach to her work with a gentle and humorous personal style. 

Sille is a great inspiration for me in my development as a manager and as a person.”

Mikkel Ejsing, partner in Resonans

“A thing about you, Sille, that I’ve thought about quite a lot… You were able to do something I wasn’t expecting: you united this ordinary busy life with a more spiritual aspect, showing that it isn’t a case of ‘either or’. Your lively, very social and present being, containing such a calm, kind and natural voice and presence has been an inspiration to me.”

Julie-Charlotte Plovst, journalist

Take a look at Sille’s resumé


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Looking for a break? An opportunity to reconnect and nourish your mojo through nature, silence and meditation? Or to just let go of thoughts and achievements for a moment and feel life tingle?

In the everyday storm of stimulus, speed and change, it is necessary for health and creativity to take time to simply be.

The Nature Dates are easily accessable one-day retreats that make it possible to get out in nature and recharge without having to plan a full-on retreat.

Read more about the Nature Dates that Being Human offers right here.


Johan Skullman is a ‘human soldier’ – focused on inspiring people to rediscover their connection to nature and their ability to survive. What Johan does not know about survival in the mountains, jungle, at heights and lowlands, above and below water is not worth knowing – and he is an essential part of the Nature Retreats.

Johan is thorough, open and very safe to be in the company of. On the Nature Retreats he teaches us how to take care of ourselves, while always keeping an eye on our safety. Johan is a former officer and equipment tester for the Swedish special forces, working for Fjällräven and leading a number of expeditions around the world.


Is it time to really be you – wholeheartedly?

The BEING YOU process takes you seriously as a human being. Your dreams, your talents, your aspirations – and your dark sides.
Gently learning how to reconnect to yourself, finding your ground and your sense of self worth.
Diving into your strengths and what gives you energy. Building your life around what is meaningful for you
– while accepting and letting go of all the stuff that you do not need anymore.

The proces is based on Silles experience from her ten years of work with the personal development of driven, sensitive people.
The essence of these experiences, combined with her awareness of what it is like to be human and her studies in Philosophy, Strength-, Mindfulness- and Naturebased Coaching now makes a completely unique development process
for people who want to be active co-creators of their lives and their surroundings.

Find out what parts of the process would be of value to you right here.


“To be coached by Sille Lundquist has been an eye-opener on the deeper levels. Step by step I have gotten new insights and more clarity about the choices that are important for me to make, by becoming aware of contexts and personal motives. I have become more fierce in both my professional and personal priorities, valuable both in my work and my personal development.”

Kirsten, Danish media group


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Co-founder, glue and igniter in Being Human

My mission is to inspire and make it possible for more and more people to get back into nature and liberate themselves!

By reconnecting to nature and letting nature do its work, I myself have found it so simple and effective in my own life.


Listen to and read more about Being Human’s exciting new summer meditations that can support you in your summer meditation praxis.

You can also find information about the free weekly Open Air Meditation i Copenhagen and London right here.